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Thanks for your replies. I just wanted to know, how you think about that stories.
Wolfbane is right when he says,, "alien" simply means "other" from the latin word "alienus -a-um" which simply means "other", too.
"UFO" means "Unidentified Flying Object", that's right.
And I also agree that most activity in and around Area 51 can be explained by military activity.
But it wrong to say, that there is nothing out there, because we do not know it!
So I think, that people should accept the hypothese, that it COULD be that an intelligence acts on our planet.
And if that is the case, the strongest world power, the USA, probabaly would do everything to find out more about this intelligence and it's strange vehicles.
And it's also possible that they try to build such an obeject in a base, where new flying vehicels are tested.
There aren't andy evidences for that, but it would be wrong if we say, that these stories are all lies.
There are some sightings that can't be explained by any technology we know and perhaps this technology comes from somewhere not on this planet...

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