Re: Area 51 trip report

Message posted by scott on February 11, 2002 at 22:30:44 PST:

I thought that bulldozer was abandoned. But, that is the hill you can no longer go up and "trap" the cammo dudes on public land.

It looks like the solar shed came down recently, the tracks indicate it was taken back into the restricted area, as they come from there, "y" turn and go back leaving their imprints where the shed used to be.

Yeah, green chevys I'll send you a pic. I saw at least 3 different ones, so it isn't like it's a fluke. Maybe the threatened strike did some good?

But, I've sen them change trucks before and they always went up cammo hill the back way, not the way that's 20 feet from me standing at the border.
Like I say, maybe they don't have to worry anymore, they could have gotten language in the new contract that allows them being seen as not a problem.

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