The Bomb Train

Message posted by Rocketfox on February 09, 2002 at 8:38:35 PST:

Just had a thought a moment ago, which may or may not be related to Area 51.

As it's weapons systems related I thought it was. Your thoughts can certainly vary.

Currently, best as I can tell, we have Smart Bombs and we have Dumb Bombs.

I was thinking how about an intermediate class, the Bright Bomb?

My understanding is that the control surfaces are relatively cheap, but that the sensor package that guides
is the expensive component. So, what if you developed a lower cost radio transmitter package that could be attached
to the Smart Bomb, which in turn could be recieved by a sensor package in the Bright Bomb ?

A version of Follow the Leader.

If the Smart Bomb is slightly High speed Low drag relative to the Bright Bomb, it stays in front.

The advantages are obvious:

Lower cost per unit

Easier to mass produce.

Concentration of firepower/lower collateral damage

Improved accuracy

The reason I'm posting here? I'm not as plugged in to the defense network as I used to be.
I know some of you guys are.

Of course this is a simple idea, and likely someone's thought of it already, but even so.

Keep up the good work all, and see you soon..



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