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Message posted by Hank on February 07, 2002 at 20:39:57 PST:

Last October in The Las Vegas Review Journal their was an article about a week before Capstone saying that these demonstrations where to show the military and the public how ready we were and show off some new toys. The interesting part of the article for me was they said that part of the public were going to be high school groups and some boy scout groups.I called Nellis and talked to a PIO who told me it was opened to the public by invitation. He said to call my senator or congressman and they could arrange an invite. I called my senators office (John McCain) and they said they didnt know anything about it but they would check and get back to me. Next day they called and said that at this time they were not extending any invitations,but if anything opened up they would get back to me. Still waiting. It sounds like if you know somebody its an easy in.

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