Re: Live fire demo Friday........

Message posted by Hank on February 07, 2002 at 20:19:53 PST:

Unless they changed the configuration you have a good viewing spot from the highway.Last year I saw about 75% of what went on. I pulled off the highway on the northbound side just south of where the new entrance gate is. In case you havent been there for a while the main gate is closed and they structured a new one about 1/4 mile south.I dont know if this was because of 9/11 or because new construction. I was there a month ago and their was a line of cement trucks coming and going like a train. I know that they are lenghtening the main runway, but I dont know what else. The only activity that I couldnt see last year was what went on behind the small mountain directly south of the bar and the behind the cell phone tower.

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