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Message posted by Andre' M. Dall'au on February 03, 2002 at 18:33:50 PST:

Your reply was intertesting, if not amusing. I'm unsure why you linked yourself with Lazar as an equal, as a serious researcher. I think people like him did far more damage to the groups that have an serious interest in Groom Lake than he did good.

As far as name dropping for Production credits, please view the The History's Channel's "The Complete History of the U.S. Navy SEALs" narrated by Tom Selleck, their second highest rated show ever ("The History of Sex" was first, I fully understand) and view my name in the credits (third page). I have been involved in just about every SEAL-based documentary as a cameraman or Producer for the past decade. I just got back from Hollywood working with Mr. Michael Biehn who narrated my script for a program I am producing for the UDT-SEAL Museum that George Thorogood has given me music for. After that I was invited and attended Bill Shepherd's (the first commander of the International Space Station and was also a SEAL) retirement at San Diego. Last month I filmed the SEAL parachute team "The Leap Frogs" from their C-130 for the second time.

If you want to participate in this forum as an equal do so, but don't try to insult and at the same time impress people that are currently trying their best to advance knowlege that you have an interest in. we are all friends here and make the best of a situation where the borders of the base make it difficult to have the luxury of easy viewing from the areas now denied us that you have used before. All things being equal, a classy response would have been a simple apology for being out of line with you first insulting post, which you were, and left it at that. I would also appreciate signed posts, as since we are all equals, we should be able to know just who we are conversing with.

And yes, it's a counter, probably by the county or state to validate wheather the traffic is heavy enough to warrent paving the road. And it probably is emplaced and removed periodically explaining the difference in observations.

Let's move on. I'd say "Let's Roll" but the survivors of the guy who said that on one of the doomed flights are trying to copyright it. Strange world.

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