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Message posted by whiskey3 on February 03, 2002 at 13:47:22 PST:

First of all Magoo....that email wasn't from me.
You're accusing me of being a spammer with no regards to facts.
You're slamming me for sending you some spam that never came from me. Some twelve year old probably read my post and started spamming you as me. Instead of

slamming me right away, maybe you can do a little research and find out who really sent you that email? Get your facts straight. I deserve an apology from


You posted "if you just want poke fun at or critisize people".

But it's okay for you to blame me for spamming?

Thanks Magoo for trying to make me look bad with no proof.

I run a professional video business having worked in the industry for numerous years including Sony Pictures.
And I wouldn't resort to those tactics.
We're currently working with Discovery Channel on a segment in the works right now. Discovery Channel, History Channel, Learning Channel, 60 Minutes, Just

about any documentary you've seen on Area 51 and or have enjoyed has included my footage. Shots of the base from Freedom Ridge, sensors, guards getting

cornered, Black hawk flyovers, etc. blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
We've brought numerous attention about Area 51 to the mainstream and still are doing so.

I have nothing to prove do.

Producers have always asked me info about other people in the field and We've always thrown a shout out to other researchers (Chuck Clark's photo's etc.)

with no bias, so they can get their info out to the mainstream.

Joerg was asking the question?

"Has anyone seen this counter anywhere around Groom? Anyone cares to speculate about the purpose?"

And I responded. I have seen the counter a couple of times on our numerous trips. (See our link)

Allow sufficient download time (868k).
We posted a big file size on purpose for the clarity of the shot.

We acknowledge that it's hard to see in the photo, but it's there. We didn't really care about taking a picture of a road counter.
I'm sure someone or you will post or speculate that the picture is fake or doctored.
I assure you it's not.

Andre posted, "If someone wants to make a noise about my friend Joerg being wrong about a traffic counter, I would hope the individual would have the respect

to acknowledge the impressive body of information he and the DLR team have contributed, and believe that if Joerg said it wasn't there the day before, it

bloody well wasn't there". (See link again Andre).

Andre posted "Don't sweat the occasional people who crop up with opinions that stem from reading other's works and viewing other people's pictures."
You're responding to Magoo without having any knowledge of who we are and what we do".
Andre boasts like we haven't done anything, while he's probably gathered interest into Area 51 from watching some documentary that we've worked on or

provided footage to.

Where Andre' M. Dall'au is the impressive body of information your talking about? Other than photos of the base?
I've taken so many video shots of Area 51 from White Sides and Freedom Ridge that I'm actually bored of it. Most of the people on the DLR Team are third

generation Area 51 researchers. After Norio, then Glenn Campbell, Tom Mahood etc. Where were you Magoo or the DLR Team during the days of Norio, Gary

Schultz, Bob Lazar, George Knapp and Sean Morton? A little too late on the bandwagon.

I'm not disputing Joerg's finding's but responding to them.

In response to Louise Ann Godfrey. I've always put my email and web link and have never hidden myself.
And you have a hotmail address?
And you are?.....and what have you done concerning Area 51?
And you call yourself a researcher?

I put YYYYYYYAAAAAAWWWWWWNNNNNNN! In my email because every time somebody puts a post on this site it always has to be considered, since it might be

associated to Area 51, that it is somehow mysterious?

You want research?
You want Facts?

"Maybe it's not really a traffic counter. hmmmmmmmmm" (posting by Hank).

It's a frigging traffic counter. Period.
Nothing mysterious about it.

We give the DLR Team credit for taking great pictures of Area 51. We commend Joerg for this website and keeping Area 51 information active.
German section very cool.
What we don't like is a bunch of armchair Internet researchers who post speculation on Area 51 and have never been there.

Magoo.....have you ever been to Area 51?

There's too much speculation on this site.
Our team does not deal with speculation but facts.


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