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Message posted by Louise Ann Godfrey on February 03, 2002 at 7:15:47 PST:

Dear Guys: I'd name you all, but it'd get sort of long. I can understand your feelings about commenters that are rude or feel that only they know what the hell is going on. I recently went through a similar problem at a site that is supposed to deal with ufo and paranormal phenomena. Don't know where the guy can from, but a polite reply (this was my first inquiry I had left at the site) was not in the works. He came off with all the diplomacy of scud hitting my Sunday picnic.

It is unfortuneate, but true that some people simply have no manners and are probably extremely lonely to top it off. As researchers, we are doomed to a certain amount of flak, even from amongst our own, regardless of the situation or topic.

I want everyone to know that what you guys are doing is great. It's really informative and I've been learning a great deal since I logged on in late December. The maturity level and etiquette are exactly what it should be on a site like this, otherwise it's not going to work. It would turn into one of the Jerry Springer-esque discussion/chatrooms that there are already a vast profusion of. It's nice to be able to come somewhere where you don't have to put up with that.

Don't let the insults get to you. This is definitely on the right track! Sincerly....from someone who isn't afraid to give their real name.

Louise Ann Godfrey


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