Re: Here we go again...O/T with apologies

Message posted by Andre' M. Dall'au on February 02, 2002 at 15:21:39 PST:

the disadantage about being the best, is the wannabes and almostweres taking cheap and meaningless shots just because they can. The gutless tactic of being a jerk on-line because a person feels like they can remain unknown and faceless doesn't know much about how easy it really can be to track them down, so the next time they come on-line they read their own address and phone number on the thread. So much for aninimioty. Don't sweat the occasional people who crop up with opinions that stem from reading other's works and viewing other people's pictures. Since the DLR team has been visiting Tikaboo (I wonder how many reasearch trips carrying cameras, radios, telescopes, and camping gear HE's made) the amount of known information has easily doubled. Since dedicated photographers (like Gary and Joerg) have been visiting the borders, the number of quality pictures of A51 have gone from a few to hundreds. If someone wants to make a noise about my friend Joerg being wrong about a traffic counter, I would hope the individual would have the respect to acknowlege the impressive body of information he and the DLR team have contributed, and believe that if Joerg said it wasn't there the day before, it bloody well wasn't there. Sorry about the e-mail hassle buddy, and consider the mailing a self-portrait of the sender. To all my hard working buddies; don't let the bast**ds get you down.

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