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Message posted by gary on January 29, 2002 at 8:33:16 PST:

My guess is the press doesn't know the difference between satellite guided and laser guided, or the bombs use a combination of the two techniques. That is, maybe a window is set for the GPS, and the laser does the final touches. If these were the Yugoslavians (i.e. a smarter enemy), I wouldn't put it past them to "paint" something that is not a target and guide the bomb to something not worth blowing up. A combination technique would prevent that from occurring. Remeber the Vietnamese outsmarted the Honeywell napalm spewing people sniffer by hanging buckets of urine in the trees. Just like computer hacking, all these high tech toys have countermeasures.

I wonder how long before the enemy can detect the guy painting the target? I'm guessing these are IR lasers, but IR can be detected with CCD cameras.

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