Re: Tikaboo Peak -- Altitude

Message posted by Allison Wunderland on December 30, 2011 at 12:39:05 PST:

What I'm seeing on maps and reading here is that the summit is some 8,000' altitude. The effects of climbing in altitude start to become significant at about that elevation. Climbing at 8,000' gets pretty arduous unless you've trained to climb and have a pretty fair aerobic capacity.

For some this may be a "day hike" -- but if you're not a hiker, well equipped and in shape for climbing, you're going to find that this sort of climb is considerably more than "a walk in the park."

And this in good weather, clear trails, moderate temperatures.

You don't want to be heading out into the snow and the elevations unless you're well equipped and have some experience with hiking in an Alpine winter environment.

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