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Not to change the topic on the thread "Cammo Dudes New Ride," So I'll start a new one on the A-12's serial numbers. When I was looking up the locations of the surviving A-12s. Wikipedia popped up. I don't believe everything I read on Wikipedia, but mostly it is accurate. My question mainly to Peter Merlin is why do the serial numbers jump from 60-6933 to 60-6937? Where these A-12s cancelled or classified???

Number: Model: Location or Fate:

60-6924* A-12 Blackbird Airpark, Palmdale, CA
60-6925 A-12 USS Intrepid Museum, New York City, NY
60-6926 A-12 Lost, 24 May 1963
60-6927** A-12 CA Science Center, Los Angeles, CA
60-6928 A-12 Lost, 5 January 1967
60-6929 A-12 Lost, 28 December 1967
60-6930 A-12 US Space & Rocket Center, Huntsville, AL
60-6931 A-12 CIA Headquarters, Langly, VA
60-6932 A-12 Lost, 4 June 1968
60-6933 A-12 Aerospace Museum, San Diego, CA
60-6937 A-12 Museum of Flight, Birmingham, AL
60-6938 A-12 Battleship Memorial Park, Mobile, AL
60-6939 A-12 Lost, 9 July 1964
60-6940 M-21 Museum of Flight, Seattle, WA
60-6941 M-21 Lost, 30 July 1966

* First A-12 to Fly, 25 April 1962
** Two Seat Model nicknamed the "Titanium Goose"
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