Joerg Arnu w/ Jesse Ventura on "Conspiracy Theory"

Message posted by Allison Wunderland on December 26, 2011 at 10:28:32 PST:

"Conspiracy Theory" on TruTV -- broadcast date is 10-29-2010.

Ventura is doing his bad ass TV wrestler best to be confrontational w/ the Cammo Dudes, Jesse lurches into extra-terrestrial theory with the tin-foil hat crowd. He fails to grasp the concept that a Federal Military Reservation is govt. property and if the govt. wants to set out and defend the border it's entirely within the purview of the US Dept. of Defense charter.

As regards govt. surveillance equipment outside the perimeter: My understanding of the area is that outlying reaches of Nellis are Fed. Govt. property -- BLM or some such. Govt. survey equipment on govt. property belongs to the govt. and it's unlawful to remove it or vandalize it.

The CIA and Feds are playing hardball out here. Top Secret means surveillance equipment, border patrols, helicopters. Just because taxpayers foot the bill, it doesn't mean civilians get to have a look-see. Jesse doesn't get to ride in Air Force One . . .

In other news. At least Ventura's riding a Harley. Joerg has another. Here's a recent photo of mine:

It's a Top Secret military site. Jesse doesn't get to have a look. Joerg, to his credit, remains the perfect host and doesn't make any provocative statements.

Good job!


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