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Liberation is a French daily newspaper. Its main website is . This was where the photos of the RQ-170 were first published - as has been said higher up the thread, not all of the images Liberation published are currently available online but there's nothing sinister or particularly surprising in that - many publications don't routinely publish all of their print editions online, reasoning that people are less likely to buy a print copy if they can get all the same information on the web for free.

Combat Aircraft magazine here in the UK published two new RQ-170 photos in their December 2011 edition, on pages 4 and 5. Both are of the aircraft in flight with undercarriage down. The smaller image is taken from almost entirely side on, but the larger one is from a more forward angle and clearly shows the grille, though not in anything like the resolution or detail of the Iranian footage. CA is another magazine that doesn't publish its entire contents online because they don't want to lose sales of the print edition, so these images are not available online either, to the best of my knowledge. The magazine does find its way overseas: I don't know where you are based but I've seen it on sale in Palmdale, for instance. You can order back issues online from their website - (full disclosure: I've written three pieces for CA as a freelance contributor, but I don't have shares in them or get paid extra if it sells more copies...!).



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