busted at Indian Springs

Message posted by gary on January 16, 2002 at 0:26:57 PST:

I stopped off at both Nellis and Indian Springs today. Since there is no flag happening at the moment, Nellis was kind of boring. I saw a few F16s, F15s, and one plane I couldn't identify. What was interesting was the helicopter flying around the buildings across the street from Nellis (a federal hospital I believe, and perhaps some USAF buildings. The chopper had three funny appendages. Two were sticking out on arms near the bottom of the chopper, and the other was an L-shaped device sticking out of the cabin. I got some video of the chopper and will post a frame if I can ever figure out how to get the frame grabber to work.

I took a trip to Indian Springs. While hanging outside the fence just past the casino, security drove up with lights a flashing. I looked around for an evil-doer, but I was the only person in the area. They asked me to turn off the video camera, which wasn't a problem since there wasn't a damn thing flying so it wasn't turned on yet. I was told I had to get off of air force property, but could take photos from across the street. Now we know this is all BS since I was outside the fence. However, I went across the street and eventually the Thunderbirds came by to practice (around 12:45PM, i.e. a bit after lunch). Perhaps the USAF security thought I was a spy for the Blue Angels.

Technically speaking, I may have been on USAF property. Often the property line extends to halfway into the street, while the powers that be have full rights to your property in the public area. This halfway into the street technicality is what lets people sue you for slipping on the sidewalk in front of your house, etc.


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