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Message posted by mOgas on December 08, 2011 at 15:59:55 PST:

Many vehicles are transitioning to NV state plates for general anonymity, just as you said. But aside from the public, the plates offer good anonymity within the military and government and quite possibily against any adversary trying to get too close.

First, the plates reduce attention drawn from the public. Everyone's eyes widen when they see GOV plates, especially in and around certain areas in the desert. Sooo, it is assumed that this may dispel some of the intention--though, many experienced watchers are not as easily fooled.

Second, the plates are virtually untraceable. Anyone with police or DMV connections would normally not be able to run/look-up the plates because the routine DMV tellers and basic police dispatchers would only get little to no information. These are usually referred to as "cold plates" or sometimes "fictitious plates." Such plates are reserved for undercover or vice local and state police vehicles; military vehicles operated by certain branches, divisions, or units involved in special operations; and vehicles operated by certain federal agencies--especially those involved in tasks forces, (counter)intel/terror, or some other designated "special" activity. Only administrative or managerial folks at the local/state/federal agencies and DMV with specific access are able to determine exactly whom or what agency is registered with that plate--and even then, the info is often limited or vague.

Third, the added anonymity helps foster the compartmentalization aspect of certain activities. A security protective officer (SPO) working at any of the range gates checks who goes in and goes out, but is not necessarily privy to the specifics of the person coming in or their reason for being there. For example, the SPO checks my badge, my vehicle, and person, to ensure that I am abiding by all the security procedures in place... but he does not know my true identity, the federal department that I work for, or the reason I am there. All he knows, is that I got access and am cleared to enter. Furthermore, there are many companies, agencies, etc that work in the sensitive areas and not everyone is cleared/accessed to each other's programs. So, the plates, give some added privacy there as well--unless you work in a highly sensitive program and drive the only bright, yellow pickup truck that anyone can spot a mile away. But you'll notice the vehicles that work in sensitive places are the same in color, class, make, etc--at least most of them ;)

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