new camo dude truck and other stuff

Message posted by gary on January 14, 2002 at 23:53:25 PST:

I was visited by a camo dude in a white GMC truck near Bald Mountain. As far as I could tell, there was only one dude in the truck. Hopefully the license plate will be readable in the photographs.

Not much else new. Cedar Pass Road is now striped. I'm expecting the NHP to patrol it as soon as the speed limit signs are posted.

Base Camp had no planes, but the VOR was active.

I spotted a plane over the range north of Rachel, flying to the area that intersects 375 at a point, then back out to the area over the base. Lots of steep climbs and dives in the contrails, but nothing out of the ordinary as far as I can tell. It was a pretty short test, lasting for maybe 10 minutes. The time was near sunset, so I doubt it was anything secret.

I observed something kind of odd Saturday night while viewing at the gravel spot south of the mailbox. The lights from Vegas looked normal, and the Luxor beam could be seen as well. What was strange were some tilted lines, rising maybe 15 degree if viewed from left to right in the same general area as the Vegas light. They could have been contrails, but lasted much too long (about 30 minutes). I'm thinking that maybe the Luxor light got partially reflected in the atmosphere or something like that. That is, we were seeing the Luxor and two tilted ghosts of the Luxor.


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