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>'I know about it, it's true, but I don't want to discuss it further!'

Hmmmm, that's solid, hard, credible evidence if I ever I saw or heard it...!

This statement carries NO credibility whatsoever, and serves no purpose. Where's the video? What's the evidence? If you're smug in the self-belief that you know and we don't, then please keep it to yourself.

IF the TR-3A/B/? exists, all concepts and revelations to date point towards a triangular SUBSONIC aircraft about the size on an F-117. The aircraft supposedly works in tandem with the '117' in the buddy laser and tactical battlefield recon roles. Such an aircraft would have a tough time outrunning an F-117, let alone a SUPERSONIC late model F-16! We have previously discussed (ad-nauseum) whether the TR-3 and these roles are viable ones or not, so I won't even go there!

If they were Belgian F-16s, then they were 'A' or 'B' models. The only operators of C and D models in Europe is the USAF with detachments in Germany, Italy and the Gulf, and I doubt these would be the first choice of pursuit aircraft for any unidentified intruders as they are used primarily in the air-to-ground/SEAD role.

You said "...Royal Air Force Base..." which only confuses me more. If it were in Belgian airspace, then they would have most likely been Belgian F-16s. If it were in UK airspace, then RAF Tornado F-3s or perhaps USAF F-15Cs would have been the pursuers of choice.

If you know something and are willing to reveal it, then knock yourself out! We're listening and we're interested. However, if you want to keep it to yourself, then PLEASE do that, instead of muddying the already murky waters further!

I really hope that with this and other recent posts, we're not going to degenerate into a 'Black Triangles e-group' type forum where all we'll end up discussing is triangle reports from the south-western corner of Swaziland! Such a forum has its place, but it already exists and it aint here!

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