Re: Pete Merlin's new book

Message posted by Gimbal on November 23, 2011 at 2:17:26 PST:

Well done Peter I shall be ordering a copy.

Oh well you can see on the link TD provided a lot of comments saying her work is b.s.

I would love to see someone make a proper fact based movie on 51, there is enough wow factor there without being sensational. I can only imagine what is was like when the new pilots were fist shown the U2, A12 or a Nighthawk, these designs were just so unconventional for their time. If films like the Right Stuff or Apollo 13 can be big hits so could the Story of Area 51 by simply using the facts. Let's face it those test pilots had an adventure everyday. The film could close with the caption Area 51 2012 then the screen blanks out and shows the image of a stamp Above Top Secret.

Come on Spielberg............

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