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Message posted by Paul Reinman on January 12, 2002 at 20:41:28 PST:


I too wondered about Wolfbane. My guess is that he was for real but had a realization that he was probably compromising information or views that he shouldn't have.

I once worked on a "secret" aircraft project and enjoyed sharing some information with others that was "publicly" available. It was a civil aircraft. It was probably still a betrayal of trust in that just alluding to truths and speculation in the media was in effect "sharing" information.

It will be interesting to see lighter than air vehicles make a comeback (or maybe slightly heavy aircraft ;). It's my bet the Phoenix lights will probably turn out to be a sighting of a large military blimp.

Based on this it should be relatively easy to track them down, where are there large hangars? Does anybody have a list?

I have always wondered about San Nicolas Island. It seems like it would be a perfect place, close to the southern California aerospace industries, and yet away from prying eyes. Any comments? Do Janet flights ever go anywhere else?

One last blimp comment. We used to always have fun looking for the "drug blimps" when flying along the Texas coast. For those that don't know, there is a big series of tethered blimps (up to 15K feet) that raise radar to see air traffic that might visit us from the south.


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