Tikaboo Weather Station

Message posted by Gregos on November 18, 2011 at 21:18:57 PST:

So I woke up this morning in Rachel and it was 19 degrees F! Rumor has it, it's actually warmer up on Tikaboo then in the valley below. So I checked the new Tikaboo weather station to see and it actually was a "balmy" 35 degrees F for it's low around the same time in the morning! I would of thought it would be much colder up there 3,000 feet higher in elevation! It wasn't just for today so the rumor may have some truth. It will be interesting to watch the weather up there compared to Medlin's Ranch and at Rachel's weather station. I'm really starting to be the new weather station's number one fan!

But then I got to thinking: Why build it just below the summit and not on top? The top isn't very big, but it would help keep pesky onlookers away as it eats up the precious real estate. Also I think building it on a slope is more work then on a relatively flat spot at the summit. Now I wonder if they built it just below the summit so the same camera that possibly watches for us can't watch the base either? I mean who actually controls the direction of the camera. Groom Security or some egghead in a cubical at the DRI? If I had control, I'd point it at Groom and leave it there. It probably wouldn't see much but even a blind squirrel can find a nut once in a while! Furthermore, if Groom Security watches it then how often? 24/7 seems unlikely. Wouldn't it just be easier to place the road sensors at the trailhead. An optical sensor at the top along with the camera. Once the road sensor trips. Check the camera. Not just watch the monitor all day like the poor Maytag repairman! Just food for thought...


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