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Message posted by Hankmann on November 18, 2011 at 11:15:46 PST:

Well, seems like MAFEX and I do not get along so well. 4th time I have planned to go and have been shut out. Well, there's always next year! Which also is a common saying for Browns fans like myself, so I am very used to it, lol.

Wish I had written down my DLR password, was at Nellis AFB Weds. from 10am until 1pm to do some spotting in hopes that the media members at Nellis gave me some anit-intelligence concerning MAFEX times, but turns out they were accurate and honest with me.

The good side of things, Nellis had a very Red Flag like launch around 11am, maybe 30 or more fighters, so I stuck around for the recovery on Cheyenne. Not a total loss for the day at all! Would've loved to post on DLR to let everyone know that the heavies were sound asleep during that time.

Have tons of photos from the weekend at Nellis to go through and will post links as I edit them. Right now cleaning up the jet lag and depression of being back in Cleveland, 35 degrees and snow showers! Grrrrrrrrr

Joerg - is there a way to change a password to something that is easily memorized?


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