Re: Yucca Dry Lake Aerodrome (YDLA) UAS Test Site

Message posted by Gregos on November 17, 2011 at 21:43:44 PST:

A guy took us all into the ATM's reading room for a quick brief before we got on the bus. A few minutes long tops. Can't remember much but if I had to guess, bring no cameras, phones, etc. You could only bring a brown bag type lunch. He said we would be very close to Area 51 but said specifically he didn't know what they called it now. I wanted to say AFFTC -Det 3 but didn't want to get pulled out of line for being over zealous! Then he did tell everyone for more info on Area 51 as we won't be going there, go to the Road Runner's website. I didn't go to their site much then just DLR and Bluefire. I wanted to again put my two cents in but just kept my yap shut. Don't know how much the RRI were affiliated with the ATM back then. I went on the NTS Tour a few years back. I'd like to do it again and see if they relaxed their position on cameras or at least apply for press creds. You can see it all from Google Earth now anyway or from old DOD, AEC, DOE photos. Just Google "BEEF" "Apple II" "ICECAP" etc.

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