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Message posted by gary on January 12, 2002 at 0:02:17 PST:

Regarding Edwards, you can see the airspace and perhaps the runway from the hill near the exit to the base from route 58. That is the spot where people watch the shuttle land should they have the misfortune of getting to the base too late to hang out at the public observation point.

When I was hanging out at the east side of the base near the X33 launch site, the F22, JSF, and another plane flew over me. Of course, the camera was on the telescope and I missed the photo op.

If you have a gps, here is the waypoint where I parked at Nellis:
N36 15.690 W115 01.072
It is better to park by the road if you plan on taking photographs. It is hard to photograph tail numbers under the flightpath. However, the photos of the planes approaching head on are interesting.

The X33 observation point is
N34 54.983 W117 31.468

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