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As Joerg said, there is no easy answer. How much money you are willing to spend will have a major factor and how much you understand the electromagnetic spectrum will decide. I'm like I want to turn it on and pick up everything cool. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. It requires some work. I bought an I-Com RC-5 scanner which sucks to program without the PC software and USB to 3.5mm minijack adapter. The scanner was $175. The software was $20 bucks maybe and I bought the cable from ebay from china for 99 cents plus $10 to ship - maybe? What $200 total for VHF and UHF. Sorry no digital trunks but I don't want to spend $600 or more. I believe most PD and Fire use digital trunk systems so if you are into that you may need to fork over the real coin. For me UHF is fine. Just get one with computer software. I'm mac so I need to run windows in Bootcamp just for that I-com program. Also, I have a iPad that has a Las Vegas Metro Scanner App so as long as I have Wi-Fi I don't need a digital trunking scanner. See how far down the rabbit hole we can go? Maybe I should sell Area 51 scanners like the ones marketed for NASCAR? Hey forget that idea, until I trademark it! D'oh!!!

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