Yucca Dry Lake Aerodrome (YDLA) UAS Test Site

Message posted by greatguess on November 15, 2011 at 17:32:16 PST:

We have added a model of the Yucca Dry Lake Aerodrome (YDLA) UAS Test Facility to the Area51Model library. The model is available for those of you who like to work with Google Sketchup or Google Sketchup Viewer. A link to this information has been added to the "Links" section at the Yahoo Group site for Aera51Model. If any of you have any ground photos of this place please feel free to post them in the "photos" folder at the Area51Model site. If you just want to go to the site directly the address is:


Please feel free to comment on the model with your suggestions on how to make the model more accurate.


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