maybe off topic (fence line at Nellis)

Message posted by Hank on January 11, 2002 at 15:53:01 PST:

Some time ago someone posted a question about the land that borders the fence line on the north end of the Nellis approach. This is also the takeoff end if an aircraft is carrying certain kinds of ordinance as their is no residences on the north end. Just an ammo dump, and a prison. I contacted the realtor that has this land for sale and this is his story.Approx 14 acres. The depth of the land which is important to those of us who frequent the fence line is approx 1000 feet east of the highway and runs right up to the fence. He claims that Nellis has no easement beyond the existing fence. After the 1000 feet it does belong to Nellis all the way to the foothills. They are in the process of acquiring the land to the north to use as a buffer zone in case of aircraft emergencies.The land is zoned M-1 which is light industrial and has a height restriction of 40 feet.The length of the land can be measured from the fence line north to a point where the Speedway fence starts across the road known as Hollywood Blvd.The asking price is $3,600,000.00 if anyone is interested. It has been for sale for almost three years and by the standards here in Phoenix it is way over priced, but you never know.For those of us that enjoy having our eardrums permanently damaged by standing right at the end of the approach and having all sorts of aircraft blow our heads off we can either make him an offer or hope that no one wants to put their business in a flight path of a C130 or an A10.


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