A-51 n Black Space Agency Program???

Message posted by themadgenius on November 07, 2011 at 16:23:25 PST:

After looking at the October 2011 Panaorma, I really started to link about a possible Black Project space agency type program or project being undertaken at A-51. My reasoning is this:

1st: The concrete and asphalt making complex at the southern end has been increasing in size. By observing the amount of material movement gives away a certain assertation into what the Air Force is doing. The are making runways longer and putting in more taxi-ways. While Not the smoking gun, if the USAF was just happy with the way the layout was than why change anything. Unless due to use and age plus the expansion into various other programs.

2nd: Two Huge Hangars. The first being the old big Hanger, I'm to lazy to look for the reference number, plz forgive me and the second being the newly added Hangar at the south end. While there is alot of speculation no doubt to truly what can be in there, lets think about it from what we do know. First being the X-37B and its suceesor the X-40. While these programs have just hit the white world, there beginning most likely began at least a decade ago if not more, with the studying of concepts and prototypes. This era would have been in the late 80's and durated throughout the 90's. Technology had to be invented and fleshed out, which takes time.

I think that is where the first Big hangar came in. While I dont believe it was used exclusively for this purpose, it no doubt would have been used for the piggyback programs that have been rumored over the years to take place. So they do the initial technology study and demonstrator and than use this hangar, this would have been 1st generation of the X-37B program.

The 2nd generation probably started in the early 2000's. With the evolving advancement in Composite material it was time to build the second generation. Along with any other possible upgrades or inventions in technology that would have been revelant. Runways would have to be added or updated. Second generation could have been a mix of a piggyback system transistioning into a independent flight into space vehicle. A bold statement with no real proof! Though, I look at the build-up overall at A-51 over the past decade. I dont think that UAV and Manned Aerial programs would need that much more accomodation. New programs take over old programs hangars for the most part. Most of the work is done off-site. Why more room and buildings?

If you wanted to hide a vast but new space program this would be the perfect place to do it, in my opinion. A program like this would certaintly need alot of personnel with alot of new equipment being shipped in. So more buildings and dorms would have to be built. Updates in radar, telecommunication, and tracking technology would also have to be emplaced.

If you perceive A-51 from a whole, that being, construction on the runaways, new buildings, big hangers, it points to a vast but secret program being hidden there. It is only an educated thought here. I could be wrong. There could be massive stamping equipment in that new hangar for all I know. Your thoughts and views are welcome and I will be looking forward to seeing what you all have to say.

I dont think you have to jump the fence at A-51 to find out exactly what is inside, but just have a keen sense of perspective and perception.


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