Are the Cammo Dudes watching me as I'm eating my "Alien Burger?"

Message posted by Gregos on November 06, 2011 at 17:23:40 PST:

Here is a photo of the top of the CEMP weather station at the Inn in lovely Rachel, NV. Looks like the same type of camera at the new Tikaboo Peak weather station.

This one is pointing straight down, probably in it's "home" position. I'd be very interested if the Tikaboo Peak camera actually tracks hikers like in the post from before. Thanks to the new weather station I see it only reached a high of 25.7F today. I guess it will have to wait until May to check it out for myself!

I work part time at a major casino on the strip that I'm not allowed to mention online. But let's just say I'd like to "win" the lottery some day! They have surveillance cameras that cover every employee corridor as well as the casino floor. Obviously, they can't watch all of the employee cameras in real time like at the tables on the floor. But if something goes missing, they rewind the tapes of that area and bingo, you're pinched! I think the same for all of the weather stations. I think they want real time photos for the area, which is probably too expensive to do, but wishful thinking of the station designers at the time. I'd also lie to research if the DoD funds all the weather stations in the USA and not just the ones near bases that test top secret technology platforms. I'd also be interested in finding out if there are indeed road sensors along the way to Tikaboo Peak like on Groom Lake Road and to the Back Gate.


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