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Message posted by Gimbal on November 04, 2011 at 6:27:49 PST:

In one of my older posts Tikaboo Outpost I posed similar questions as Andre' M. Dall'au with regard to the disruption our interest maybe causing at the Base.

Personally I think they have built a B2 sized UAV with advanced capabilities not only in surveillance but also as a weapons platform. The Area is it's operational base. All of us here respect the sensitive nature of these projects and the security implications if any beans were to be spilt. Who knows maybe someone has seen it and are doing the right thing and keeping silent or at least not making it public domain.

No doubt the Cammo Dudes have photographs and details of all who have visited the Peak and can match that from any data coming from the Camera. If let's say there people up there unknown to them and they need to launch a mission I have no doubt the Cammo's would go into aggressive mode and shift people away from the ridge.

Not only the Peak but also all around the base, past tales have shown there are varying degrees of action by the Cammo's ranging from smiley and relaxed to out right harassment. The latter mood is clearly brought on by orders from the Base to push joe public away from the area. Pave Hawks would be very active also along with the local Sheriff pulling a few people over to see if their vehicle is in good order. Basically it would be one spooky unerving experience that will make you head back Rachel asap.

In all what I am saying is they cannot grab the land therefore they will control it and those who visit that area. Their op's will not be disrupted by anyone neither will a prized asset be exposed to the wrong sort. Let our healty interest remain so but let's try and not make their job's more difficult than it already is.

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