Re: Camera on Tikaboo- Just Ask

Message posted by Tim Hendrix on November 03, 2011 at 20:29:00 PST:

I donít believe the installation of a camera indicates a desire on their part to identify who is present rather it means they just want to know if and when someone might be watching. It rather firms up the theories that new systems are being deployed that they would rather not reveal to anyone. This move coupled with the new construction and added precautions would seem to indicate they do indeed have something a little different rolling out. It must be something that is large enough to be identified from that distance and also implies that itís deployment will be on a frequent enough basis to warrant such precautions. Itís interesting that they should show their hand in this manner since theyíre all too familiar with the capabilities of the observers whoíve made the trek. It proves that this little thorn in their side has become a significant irritant.

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