Re: B-2A technology regarding March 1992 A&S Weekly article

Message posted by Matthew Ruch on October 27, 2011 at 5:31:40 PST:

As a former B-2 crew chief, (you can as joerg and pete about my credentials if you so choose), I can categorically state that NONE of what you have brought up in your posts exists on the B-2.

There is a reason very little about the aircraft has been declassified, and as such you will not be getting any pictures of airframe structure nor pictures or documentation of anything else from me, and most likely not from ANYBODY else that has worked on the aircraft either.

All of us that worked intimately with the aircraft have TS-SSBI/PRP/SAR clearances or higher. Maybe that requirement has gotten less stringent in the years since I left the service I don't know. But everyone that I worked with take our clearances and the responsibilities that go along with them VERY seriously.

So while your curiosity is good, be careful where you poke your nose lest you attract some rather unwanted attention.

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