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Message posted by Thomas on January 06, 2002 at 16:01:32 PST:

Hello all,

I quickly read the messages that I missed (a few months) and noticed that Area 51 research center is closed. Also, Donald Emory is called a village idiot. I don't know him well, just talked to him when I was there, but he seemed ok. Didn't talk any crap, was very concerning about our (failed trip) to Tikaboo and asked to call him, so he's sure that we didn't got lost in the desert(we almost did). So, no complaints, but then, I just saw him for 1 hour. I also ate a hamburger at the ale'in and the people there seemed more reserved; Or it might have been just an impression. Next time I'll try to make a conversation.
It might be that we're going to redo the trip (with success this time I hope) to Tikaboo during Eastern holidays. Is that a good time to climb the thing ? And if the research center is closed, can I get some fresh info on site at the ale'in ?
Thanks, and keep up the good work.


PS. the last time, when returning from the failed Tikaboo trip, a black helicotper flew by really low and close to us. Were they checking us out, or is it just a coincidence ?


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