passur airplane tracking

Message posted by gary on January 02, 2002 at 18:02:44 PST:

A few airports have the "passur" airplane tracking system. I see that McCarrin has been added to the list and the airspace it covers (heh heh) seems to go pretty far north. This website says it is operational:
though it doesn't seem to be available to the public yet. [LAX and SFO can be tracked on line] Now if a few people inquire at about the service, maybe they will open it to the public. A good cover story would be that you want to determine if the planes you hear are coming from McCarrin or Nellis.

An example of this service can be found at: [Click the text "Near Live Radar Flight Tracks", then the radar display on the next page. If the live display doesn't work on your system, you may want to replace your Microsquish Java with Sun Java:

Since you can see the flight pattern, we should be able to watch the janet planes land over the net. Watching Red Flag would be really fun provided it covers military jets.


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