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Message posted by Ron on October 17, 2011 at 14:24:50 PST:

They would of course have a crew lounge, snooze rooms, etc. Without windows to the outside most likely, or at least away from the flight line.

As for the clearances, it is long and costly to get a SSBI/Top Secret, and a contractor is not going to want to pay the costs of that. That will take many months, and a LOT of money. I would not be surprised if your average fighter pilot does not even have that clearance.

That is why having it already, is a must for that job. And correct, you can not just get one on your own, it has to be a contractor that starts the process for you, but its one thing when it is just a SECRET that they can get you fairly quickly, with an interim SECRET being grantable based off of background checks.

SSBI Top Secret is what anyone at Groom will already have most likely, and it is a long process to get. When they hire a 737 pilot to fly there, they want someone who can start soon, not someone who will have to wait for months for that clearance, when they may no be awarded it anyways, at great cost to the company.

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