All but 4 Tonopah F-117s being scrapped?

Message posted by shadeone on October 06, 2011 at 16:53:32 PST:

Take this with a grain of salt since its on an internet message board but take a look at the secretprojects thread I have linked to.... The second post down has some quotes in it that say the following:

"I had a former F-117 maintenance guy coming through school to be a flight engineer and he said that 4 airframes are flying out of the other base North of Nellis. The ones in storage at Tonopah are being cut up and buried out on the range so nobody will ever have access to them. Sad end for an airplane that served it's country so well. "

and this:

"Yep...he said 4 flyers and 2 maintenance spares for parts. I guess they took the 6 lowest time airframes. Another guy who was a 117 pilot that took a few to Tonopah from Holloman said that the pilots currently flying them are retired AF and work for Lockheed as contractor pilots. That has to be a fun job. "

This slightly stems off the post earlier in this forum of the photo of the 4 stealth fighters sitting in storage... The earlier photo that was released that made its way around the internet showed those exact same aircraft (identifiable because one of them is grey) but had another aircraft in front of it, number 832...

Just thought this was some good food for discussion here!

Attached link: F-117A allegedly spotted flying over Nevada


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