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Message posted by JinTx on September 19, 2011 at 21:07:28 PST:

Thanks for the info Peter. I scanned the internet for SWERVE info and read up a bit. Sounds like the technology is still being used or rather incorporated in a couple current / rumored projects. Also in reading up on the X37B I found numerous articles to include the Wired magazine link in this forum's other thread topic discussing the recent unveiling of the NRO sats. Within the posted link in that thread I found the link in this posting. Interesting stuff. So if I am reconciling in my head correctly, the benefit of a plane over a sat is the plane (fast movers anyway) can get to an area in an emergency faster than a sat can because of it's orbit. But if you had a handful of X37Bs in orbit, would a plane still be needed?

Will spy plane's roles as recon (video, pics, etc) vehicles be diminished due to low orbit assets like the X37B?

Even if their spy role is diminished, fast movers will still be needed because they provide additional offensive benefits that sats most likely will never be able to.

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