Plant 42

Message posted by JinTx on September 15, 2011 at 21:02:06 PST:

Using Google Earth's timeline slider is interesting when looking at plant 42. The pics of the B2s, SR-71s, and U2s are great. While reviewing I found the front of a plane sticking out of a hanger on the 07/27/2008 (slider timeline) or 01/08/2008 (image date). On the north side of the complex there are four sections with the large hanger on the very right side. If you look at the hangers that are immediately to the left of the large hanger / building on the north side, you will see a set of smaller hangers. Zooming in you will see the plane looking as though it is being pulled out of the hanger or pushed in. Anyway this may have been discussed on here in earlier threads, but what kind of plane is this? It has a large wingspan like a U2 but does not look like a U2 to me. I am sure someone can id.

Also I found it interesting that on this same 2008 dated slide there are many cars present at all the various large hangers where I am sure they are constructing something worthwhile. Most of the other pics of plant complex must be on the weekend as the parking lots are empty. I noted in the 2005 slide there are also many cars and a B2 parked. Since this 2008 slide is only three years old, what are they constructing that would take so many workers? And I would assume whatever it is, is flying now.


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