Re: New hangar at south end

Message posted by greatguess on September 11, 2011 at 16:01:21 PST:

i don't think they would need to do the "engine fire" cover story thing; it would all be done in secret sar mode. i think you could take two b2's from whiteman for this effort, brief the few people who keep track of all of them that they were on a special secret assignment, and word would not leak out; i think that has already happened. the two b2's would then go to palmdale (site 4) for mod in a very secure hangar with extremely limited classified access for mod. when the mod is done, again i think this already happened, they would be flown to the new test site at area51 (bldg 61 - new hangar) for test. i wonder if there have been more b2 sightings around area51 in the last year....?

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