Re: New hangar at south end

Message posted by themadgenius on September 02, 2011 at 12:24:30 PST:

Your opinion has substance, though, I dont see how it efficient it is to do all the manufacturing away from A51. It just makes no sense at times.

Imagine, that you are an engineer, an the aero-frame you are working on has to be modified, I dont see the Air Force shipping the plane out for retro-fit and than bringing it back. It makes sense that if the retro-fit can be down at A51 than it will be done.

I totally do believe that manufacturing from the ground up happens at A51. The reason I state this is, that they have not tore down any structures, but only expanded. The U-2 hangars probably dont hold U-2's anymore, so they are either used for storage, material construction, or another up-coming project.

There is also the subject of toxic waste. They dont burn it anymore nor dump it either, I'm assuming. If it turns out to be a top-secret, than they either ship it out or store it for another project, which means, and I bet that, at least, one hangar is filled with nothing but "junk".

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