Re: White Triangle over Amarillo

Message posted by psiuh88 on August 31, 2011 at 18:42:10 PST:

You see the most amazing assortment of interesting planes down there in amarillo!

on the "eagle" drone, there are some nice RC models of an eagle (they are sold on ebay if you want to look, they original designer is from Taiwan, and his are regarded as the best in case anyone is interested), made of durable EPP foam and electric powered - so they look fairly inoccuous up high. to the untrained eye, a large bird circling in the thermals might not seem unusual,
Lots of RCers, and the military, have small electric powered "model" aircraft equipped with video feedback. its reasonably inexpensive technology now. Who knows, DARPA is working on little hummingbird looking surviellance drones.

there's also a "life sized" foam flying superhero - different enough from ironman not to attract the movie or marvel company lawyers. I believe its also sold as a "kit" - just cut out foam patterns. The videos I've seen of it are a hoot. I've thought that one of these set up near the danger areas in afghanistan would really mess with the taliban/alqaida - seeing a "man" taking off vertically, with LED lights glowing and flying all around the sky! Put a video transmitter on it and the troops could turn it into a cruise missile to boot. But the terror factor could be awesome.

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