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Message posted by Uncle Aina on August 29, 2011 at 20:46:34 PST:

Sorry Joerg you certainly did mention it - I was so excited I didn't read everything carefully.

Couple small points. The Qhut in question looks to maybe be a security checkpoint for the contractors at the site. There's a curious "stripe" across the road and something that might be a barrier gate. Makes sense and you can see the tire tracks as mentioned. I'm guessing they keep the construction workers there under very tight reins.

Joerg, you know this stuff way better than me, but I'm not sure about the dining hall ~47,000 sq ft. it'd be basically 2x bigger than the old one...not sure why each person would need so much space or why they'd need to so drastically increase the size, even with 30% more flights.
It's slightly larger than the shipping and receiving building (~36,000) and almost as large as the Testing Support Center (~55,000). It does sit in a very "people dense" area of the base, so I'm guessing it's some type of design/engineering/fabrication area where folks can get off the Janet and go straight into work.

Or it might just be a Walmart's about the right size, and so conveniently located.

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