Take 2: Virtual 3D Flyovers of Area 51 posted on Youtube

Message posted by Uncle Aina on August 29, 2011 at 1:41:19 PST:

So after some discussion off camera, Uncle "timmy" has given me a thumbs up to post these early 3D renderings onto YouTube. He mentions that the models here are not even as detailed as the ones he made; they've been simplified the Google Earth website. But they are FUN to play with! It's like sneaking into Groom Lake airspace...

OK here's links to the first 4 videos

This one is a basic flyover with no labels:

This one is mainly south end of the base and has labels:

Here's the North end with labels:

And for fun, here's short "walkaround" at Sams Place:

This project is still developing, but I must say it's great fun to be part of it. Once complete, everyone can virtually visit any part of the complex. With the new sat images, one can update the database to reflect new construction. How cool is that?

Maybe someone here has access to version of Google Earth Pro that's *not* a free trial? (cuz I no got $400..) Then we could get rid of the TRIAL overlay. Plus, I am no expert with Google Earth, nor Sketchup, so as I learn more, the videos should improve.

But as a first go, it's pretty great to see. If you are fascinated with this place, it really comes to life to see it in 3D.

How funny that I found these models on my own and accidentally put them out there just a day before Uncle timmy. Pure synchonicity...their time has come!


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