Re: I made a 3D Rendering of Groom Lake Facility and posted it on YouTube

Message posted by greatguess on August 28, 2011 at 18:07:43 PST:

i am "timmy". those are my models. i wasn't quite ready to introduce them to the world yet but i guess you have done it for me. the models are a first attempt at over 160 buildings (more in work) that have been accepted into the big "sketchup" model. a couple of us have been working on them since january and fighting with sketchup tooth and nail to get them approved. i had played with an animation like you did but hadn't "published" yet. what we have in mind is to get a bunch of folks at DLR to work on refining the models to increase the fidelity - sort of a contest/workshop. Jeorg knew about what we were doing but hadn't leaked it - thanks Jeorg. the actual models are more detailed than what you see in google earth because they "simplify" them before placing them into their 3d library. now that the cat is out of the bag, so to speak, i will accelerate the next phase where folks can "adopt" a building and research/improve it for the common good. if you have questions about this process or want to play a larger part than just "modeler" please contact me at to become a charter member of the virtual "managers" of area51 infrastructure. right now i am the mayor but we will have open/fair elections soon.

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