Re: Aliens and ufos (OT, rachel question)

Message posted by Uncle Aina on August 28, 2011 at 16:49:25 PST:

I agree Peter. It's tiresome.

Notice the way I will *not* now segue into a monologue about my personal political or social opinions here on a forum concerning Area 51.

Craigslist Rant and Raves are a great place for that type of thing. If you're angry, go be angry over there.

+1 for the mods here for fighting the good fight despite repeated efforts to bait them. A forum is NOT a place where we all get to say whatever comes into our pretty little heads under the guise of "freedom of speech" - a forum is *usually* a small business being run by a dedicated person or persons who have every right to control what's on their site - they have to PAY for the ISP, web traffic

Anyone can start their OWN site if they want to control the content - my guess is after about 5 minutes of supporting "free speech" you'll be in there deleting posts from ignorant users..

I say BIG UP to Hank and Joerg for keeping this place going with is probably not a lot of cashflow. It's an amazing resource about a secret place where very little is really known.

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