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Message posted by Mark Lincoln on August 15, 2011 at 16:44:12 PST:

Understood Joerg.

But why is it only comments that are perceived as 'liberal' (even if they are not) to be suppressed? See: RickB, Andre' M. Dall'au, et al.

When the subject is where money is spent then 'politics' is inevitable. HTV-2 is a program which is justified upon it's ability to produce a super weapon rather than it's ability to advance general knowledge. Thus the immediate cost benefit question comes into consideration.

Were I to decide DARPA would not be subject to extensive cuts. Spending on DARPA is investing in the future.

I am aware that the primary purpose of this forum is to discuss subjects relevant to Groom Lake and technologies that may - or may not (as in the case of HTV-2} - be related.

Of the many presidents I have watched in my life Dwight Eisenhower is the one I respect the most. He cut programs which I was quite enamored of as a kid, such as blimps and the P6M and Navajo. That did not make him a communist, or his motives subject to attack.

Aside from Peter Merlin I seem the only one actually interested in what is being learned from the HTV-2 program. I am following from several sources and have a clue as to the nature of it's failures.

Now I have an article in today's Defense Tech Briefs on page 14 'Using Java in Avionics and UAV applications. Java is not my favorite programming language. That being said it has some advantage as an object oriented language over the C++ most commonly used, not the least the ease and speed with which it may be written and revised.

/** I posted that I was making my last response to the yahoos. And I did lay off until you chose to admonish only one 'side.' */

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