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Message posted by Andre' M. Dall'au on August 14, 2011 at 6:18:34 PST:

Typical Progressive/Liberal response:
1. Twist the truth then refute the contrary facts. (Obama HAS raised the debt BY HIMSELF by about 35% in less than three years and started one conflict that had NOTHING to do with American interests while Bush was responding to an attack on the continental United States and started two wars that probably saved untold American civilian lives by keeping the fight offshore - but that is ignored. Yes, go ahead and say Bush's wars were not fought for the right reasons - but you can't argue that it sure shut down foreign terrorism! As a matter of FACT one of the biggest mistakes and useless expenditures in WWII was the invasion of the Philippines by MacAuthur so war is never an exact science!)
2. Insult the person then try to show your superior qualifications. (honestly Mark who gives a crap about how smart a man you think you are - you must have been a pain in the ass to work with anyway.)
3. Force the person to defend themself instead of defending your position.(Although I've seen a lot of four year old girls do the same thing.)

In any case, you are wrong about most everything except the admission about being unAmerican - I'll buy that statement un-assisted. While your aerospace and engineering background may be solid, your constitutional law background seems anemic because while the federal government is specifically tasked with the defense of this country and is very clearly spelled out in the Constitution, there is nothing about Medicaid, Social Security or even health care (or income tax that only about half of Americans pay) listed - even hinted at in the document that makes this nation unique. Bottom line is the entitlements are breaking the bank and need to be re zeroed and adjusted. You said it yourself about being forced to pay in to SS and risk getting nothing out, let's just make sure that ONLY Americans that have paid in to SS get anything out.

Make it law that unless you or your parents haven't been vested in the program for 5 to ten years(like any good account that businesses use) then you can't get SS or SSI monies. Start there. We could easily stop the flow of people appearing on the doorstep of SS offices with plenty of needs and no money in the account.

The problem with this argument is having to deal with the Progressives who whine and howl like children when you mention that "entitlements" are also discretionary if the government has the guts to treat them as such (yea Teaparty). We just need to stop this belief that my money is your money and my wealth is your wealth because some liberal says so and cuts should affect the DoD while generation after generation of non-workers live off my tax dollars. What crap.

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