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Message posted by greatguess on August 13, 2011 at 16:29:28 PST:

great input peter. i should have included the B2 in the FSD programs without major accidents - that would have added an orange to the equation. i worked on that as well and cannot tell you how many times we brought one of the beasts back early from a test flight to AVOID a catastropic situation. from my 30 years of flight test experience i would seriously question the preparation and planning efforts that would cause such an event with zero warning; accidents will happen and do but should be avoided at all costs. testing safety in 2011 only remotely resemble testing safety in 1970; i think the apples to oranges comparison is more related to testing discipline and test support technology available to the testors than the complexity of the article being tested. just my 2 cents worth - i would have used the cents symbol if it had been designed into the keyboard.

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