The Four-Corners

Message posted by Koji on December 24, 2001 at 6:57:02 PST:

Merry X-Mas! Joerg and all!
On 19:00 rast Saturday, in 2hours special program
titled "Kore-Maji??"(in English it means "Is this true??"),on ch No.10 TV-ASAHI, one of the Japanese
TV stations,reported the underground military secret base at "Four-Corners".
According to the report, Four-Corners is known for the public as very rare spot where is the corner faces 4
states, UT,CO,NM and AZ, has military secret base
at the underground deeply.
The inside of the base has 3 stories structure,
the commmunity research of US military and alien is
progressed now.
The Lowest(3rd ) layer is the special residental
district for arien.
They also reported the main function of Area 51 has
already moved to this Four-Corners.
It is is difficult for me to believe this situation.
But what do you everyone think about this?

Koji from Japan.


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