Re: Even JANETS need maintenance

Message posted by Matthew Ruch on August 02, 2011 at 5:07:46 PST:

I really can't give you any specifics of our contracts, now because I am not allowed but simply, I do not know.

My capacity with Delta TechOps is that I work line maintenance in Philadelphia. So our MRO operations are far from my area of concern.

All I know is that we farm out a lot of our work because we have so much outside work coming in. Something like 75% of the engines and APUs in our shops at any given time are customers equipment.

To give you an idea of just how much we do, TechOps last year post a PROFIT of $600 million, we hope to break $1 Billion within 2 years. And that include all the costs of maintaining Deltas ~750 aircraft fleet.

I don't think that is too shabby for an organization that would be purely overhead in any other airline.

All that said, I will see if I can get some information on our contracts, but I am not sure where to even find that information so it might take a while.


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